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See Officers page 4A See Court page 4A Volume 125 No. 48 Wednesday, November 25, 2020 75 cents (tax incl.) See DeVilder page 4A Kennard and Sponaugle Take Plea in Circuit Court By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate Jay Dee Kennard, charged with fraudulent claims of a side by side to an insurance company, appeared with Defense Attorney Pat Nichols to enter a plea agree- ment. Frank Bush, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, worked with Nichols to come to an agree- ment for Kennard to plead guilty and request a deferred adjudica- tion. On Saturday, October 6, 2018 Kennard wrecked his UTV, that he did not have insurance coverage on. After the incident, Kennard called Geico Insurance Company to take out an insur- ance policy on the UTV and fol- lowed with filing a claim on the accident that happened prior to coverage. The Honorable Judge James Courrier went through the pro- ceedings with the defendant to ensure full understanding of his decision and deemed him compe- tent and accepted his plea. Ken- nard will be placed on probation until released by the Probation Officer when he will return to court and the felony plea can be withdrawn and Kennard can offer a misdemeanor plea of guilty. A supervision fee will be required at $5 per month. Jason Adkins was scheduled to appear before the court; how- ever, he did not appear. Defense Attorney Hillary Bright spoke with her client the day prior, saying, “He indicated he had not yet found a ride.” Bright told Adkins a failure to appear could result in his bond being revoked by the court. According to his counsel, Adkins is in a Halfway House in Huntington, W.Va. Bush motioned to issue a capias for Adkins’ arrest, but Judge Courrier stated he did not want to interfere with his recov- ery if it is going well, though also does not want to delay the prog- ress of the court. Judge Courrier decided to schedule another hear- ing for December 11 at 3:45 p.m. in hopes it will offer ample time for Adkins to secure transporta- tion. If Adkins fails to appear yet again, a capias will be issued and he will be arrested and held until the next available date after the holidays. Deanna Waybright was also represented by Bright, appearing on a former charge and new count of uttering. The new charge relates to issuing a check in the amount of $80 from Kisner's Pit Stop, which carries a poten- tial penalty of a one to 10-year sentence. Bush called Commu- nity Corrections Director Dustin Luzier to the stand to testify on behalf of Waybright’s terms of bond requirements. Luzier stated that Waybright had several violations of terms of her bond, including repeated failure of urinalysis for marijuana and methamphetamine, failure to perform her daily check-ins, equaling over 20 violations. The last time Waybright checked in with the Community Corrections was October 23 with Luzier stat- ing they have exasperated all of the in-house services that were available and arrangements were made for Waybright to go into a rehabilitation center, but she failed to arrive. Bright had the opportunity to question Luzier about the Com- munity Corrections program and ensured her client was made fully aware of those requirements and that signed documents were received. She also asked Luzier if he calledWaybright’s employer to verify her employment and check her schedule to accommo- Happy Thanksgiving DeVilder Secures Grant to Restore Tucker County Jailhouse By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate County Administrator Sheila DeVilder submitted a grant request to replace, repair, and upgrade the courthouse security system, which Maintenance Director Joe Long was work- ing on at the time of the meet- ing. “Hopefully by December it will all be installed and we will be done with that,” DeV- ilder said. The final paperwork needed for reimbursement of the Courthouse Brick Restora- tion Grant has been received and will be sent in. DeVilder received notification that the grant she submitted to restore the brick of the Tucker County Jailhouse from the Courthouse Facilities Fund, which should begin at the beginning of the new year. “That jailhouse out there completes our brick restora- tion here in this complex,” said Commission President Lowell Moore as he thanked DeVilder for her work on securing the grants for the projects. Just in the last two years for restoration of the courthouse, the approxi- mate cost has been $150,000, all grant-funded, and the jail- house will be an estimated $100,000. Moore believes that all of the improvements made are valued at approximately $900,000, which included the fire suppression system. “That has been very beneficial to the New signs have been installed for Sugarland Road, warning large trucks In the past year Tucker County Homeland Secu- rity Emergency Manage- ment along with Tucker 911 has worked with WVDOH in an effort to have signs placed warning large truck traffic of roads not suitable for them to travel. Signs have been placed on sev- eral roads in Tucker County with the hope that this will help prevent some of the large trucks using roads not suitable to their travel. "In recent years our respond- ers have spent many hours assisting large trucks and also working many acci- dents on these roads. Some of the accidents have not had a good outcome. Our goal with the signs is to make our county safe for its residents and travelers." stated Homeland Security Emergency Management Director Kevin White. "We appreciate the willingness of WVDOH and the Tucker County Commission work- ing with us on this matter." White said. 2021 Tucker County Fair Board Officers Remain the Same By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate Nominations were opened for the officer positions for the 2021 Tucker County Fair Board Association, which resulted in one nominee per position. Presi- dent Daniele Wilfong, Vice President Lydia Burns, Treasurer Kristen Pennington, and Secretary Marcy Williams were voted in unanimously with FFA Advi- sor Paul Pennington abstaining from the vote. The barn chairman will be determined at the next meeting. Five spots remain on the board of directors before the 20 member maximum is met for anyone who may be interested. Wilfong highlighted the October 15 meeting minutes for the November meeting, stating, “We had $76,288.84 in the bank account, we had some outstanding bills for Sunrise Sanitation, Adkins, and porta-potties and all of those have been paid.” Grant money has been applied for reimbursement, though no word has been heard. In addition to the grant through the Governor’s office Wilfong applied for, she also sent in for consideration of funds from the Tucker Community Foundation. The desire for those funds is to replace the green bleacher boards in the barn that are splintering and need to be upgraded. The repairs and maintenance of the livestock scales were discussed and the company will be correcting the issues the next time they are in the area for Kings- ford or the landfill. The 2020 queen will be allowed to compete in the pageant in 2021 since she was not Jenny Newland from Downstream Strategies gave a brief presentation of the planning and consulting services they could offer to Tucker County. Dustin Luzier, the director of Com- munity Corrections, took the stand to be questioned in a hearing relating to bond violations allegedly made by Deanna Waybright.