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See mook page 3A Volume 125 No. 46 Wednesday, November 11, 2020 75 cents (tax incl.) See boe page 4A See benbush page 3A Ware Appointed to Davis Town Council By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate With the resignation of former Council- woman Lisa Cousin at the last Davis Town Council meeting, Mayor Doug Martin and the council posted the vacancy to accept applications for those interested in being considered for the position. Once appli- cations were received, interviews were conducted and it was determined that Jeannette Ware would be the one to ful- fill the remainder of this position, which is June 30, 2021. Martin swore in Ware after a motion was received from Council- man John Felton and Al Tomson with all in favor. The meeting minutes from October 14 were approved with motions from Tom- son and Councilman Terry Helmick. The accounts payable were available within the council packets for review with Mar- tin explaining the requisition for the Davis Water Improvement Project. “The first one is for $157,234.50 to Halls Contracting, the second one is to Chapman Technical Group, $6,071.40, and the third one is to Chapman Technical Group for $5,917.73 for a total of $169,223.63,” said Martin. Ware made a motion to make the payments as presented with a second from Helmick and all in approval. The former Highlander building has been completely torn down, though there are no plans for the vacant lot at this time. Martin requested that before anything occupies that space that the owner comes to a Town Council Meeting to discuss with the council. A list of jobs completed recently on the streets, alleys, and waterworks were pro- vided in the council’s packets. Martin briefed the council on the struggles with the water project with the old lines blow- ing apart when being dug up. “So far we have contained it keeping it with only once having to turn off the water to the town.” he said Attempts are being made to keep the tinted water out of the homes Benbush Business Services Closing; Shupp Heading for Retirement By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate After 26 years of tax preparation, bookkeeping, licensing and registration services, and many other offerings, Frances Shupp, owner of Benbush Busi- ness Services will be clos- ing the doors to her busi- ness after December 31, 2020. Shupp began income tax preparation and bookkeep- ing while she was a senior at Rowlesburg High School and Preston County Edu- cational Center in 1978. From then through 1986, she worked as a Legal Secretary for Wehner Law Office, and from January 1987 through 1992 worked as a Deputy Circuit Clerk. Shupp served as a Mag- istrate in Preston County beginning in 1993 until October 31, 1996. She married her husband Jerry “Buck” Shupp, a native of Tucker County, in 1995 which is what prompted their relocation. “I started Benbush Business Services when I moved here to Tucker Board of Education Eager for Students to Return to School Full Time By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate Board member Cathy Hebb asked Superintendent Lam- bert what was keeping Tucker County students from returning to school with the cases much lower now than when the deci- sion was made to go remote. Lambert responded, “Right now I’m just kind of watching to see the trends. The fear is that we’re going to probably have to oper- ate a lot in blended to keep our numbers down.” Board member Jessica Wams- ley agreed while physical and educational health is important, the mental health of everyone involved seems to be a concern. Board member Chris Gross men- tioned that the county is green according to the map, though Lambert advised she focuses more on the original map which has Tucker County listed as gold. “It’s a misleading calculation,” she stated. Hebb asked how many staff was currently in quar - antine, Lambert the final few will be released later on the week. “My hope is that we can look at going back to five days a week as we get into December,” Lam- bert continued. The goal was for Davis Thomas Elementary Mid- dle School to return the week prior; however, the state declared it an outbreak and prevented that from happening. Wamsley raised concern about the inconsistencies with the blended model as a result of the schedule. “The most complaints that I’m getting really is it’s too rigorous,” said Lambert. Wams- ley offered some examples of issues that she has noticed along with concerns that have been brought to her from other par- ents. Lambert agreed she wants the students back in school full time, both as a superintendent as well as a mother, though she fears the school will be shut down quickly if that is to happen. Gross asked who is respon- sible for deciding as to if and when school returns to five days per week. Lambert said it was a combination of the state and the Health Department, but added, “I guess, right now, technically you could say it was my choice, but if you wanted to overrule my Mook Pleads Guilty to Burglary By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate A jury trial was on the schedule for Tammy Mook to appear before the Honorable Judge James Courrier in Tucker County Circuit Court on charges consisting of burglary, grand larceny, and conspiracy. Days before the trial, Mook’s attorney Brent Easton and Prosecut- ing Attorney for Tucker County Ray LaMora notified the Judge that an agreement had been reached and there was no longer a need for a trial. Mook appeared on Wednesday, November 4 to enter her plea of guilty to one count of burglary in exchange for the charges for grand larceny and conspiracy to be dismissed. According to the complaint, on July 28, 2017, Mook and another individual arrived at Timber- line Four Seasons Realty Office and allegedly stole keys from the late arrival box for a residence in Deerfield Vil - lage. Video surveillance recorded Mook and the other individual taking the keys and she was identified by officers who viewed the footage. The defendant alleg - edly used the key to gain access to the dwelling and stole several items, including but not limited to a tele- vision, DVD player, lamps, pictures, and other items. In the process, an interior door was damaged to gain access to a locked closet. On August 17, 2017, Sergeant C.D. Siler of the W.Va. State Police executed a search warrant at Mook’s resi- dence where several items from the burglarized prop- erty were discovered. After being read her Miranda Rights, Mook made a statement admitting to the crime. Breaking News - Canvas confirms Wilkins as Prosecuting Attorney; Rosenau as County Commissioner Photos courtesy of Frances Shupp After 24 years serving residents of Tucker County and the surrounding area with their tax and business needs, Frances Shupp will be closing the doors of her business to focus on enjoying her retirement. The massive building once known as The Highlander has now been fully demolished and cleaned up by Mountaineer Infra- structure. Davis Mayor Doug Martin stated that there are no plans for future development at this time. A 2022 Blue Bird 77 passenger school bus was approved to be purchased by the Tucker County Board of Education for over $106,000. See davis page 4A