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See ORDINANCE page 3 See TIMBERLINE page 4 Volume 125 No. 36 Wednesday, September 2, 2020 75 cents (tax incl.) See LEAF PEEPERS page 3 Leaf Peepers Festival Canceled for 2020 By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate “When it started, it was really the brain child of Walt Ranalli, the owner of Sirianni’s,” stated Jessica Waldo, Executive Director of the Convention Visitors Bureau and board member of the Alpine Festival. Ranalli and other business owners throughout the area were looking for a way to draw crowds and experience the food and dining establishments throughout the Fall, which used to be a slow season for much of the Thomas and Davis area. “It’s just grown,” Waldo said of the event, which began as a one day event and extended to a three. Each year the committee strives to add something new Timberline Management Update Commissioners By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate Commissioner Fred Davis invited Gen- eral Manager of Perfect North Slopes Jonathan Davis, along with Daniel “Booney” Neff, General Manager of Timberline Mountain, and Tom Price, Director of Operations at Timberline Mountain to the County Commission meeting. “I couldn’t be more excited to be in West Virginia,” Davis began. “In fact, my home base is in Indiana, both of these guys have roots back there, but I have to go back and these guys get to live here full time,” he laughed. Davis stated that to date, everyone has been great to work with and they have enjoyed getting to know the area and the local resi- dents. “They’ve made us feel like family,” he said, which is the lifestyle of the company they reign from. Full time staff is being developed at Timberline which is a combination of individuals from Indiana along with locals from Tucker County. Additional full time staff is being sought with a large need of seasonal employees. Commissioner Davis told the Timberline repre- sentatives that he is work- ing with others to incorpo- rate a local shuttle service that would help provide the 350 needed seasonal workers to Timberline. In Indiana, about 60% of the employees are high school age youth, which Davis stated not only do they look at it as a first job option for them, but also an opportunity to incorporate life skills. Ski patrol training is kicking off early October. Davis has been working with 911 Director Beverly Cantrell on ensuring safety on the mountain. In the instance the chairlifts are not operable in time; Davis has been in contact with Canaan Valley whom has agreed to allow the training to take place at their facil- ity. “We don’t viewCanaan as a source of competition, I think that the two of us can exist in the valley and I really hope that the two of us being here will be able to draw more people to Tucker County especially from out of state to bring those tax dollars in, more than one area in the valley could,” Davis added. In July, Timberline kicked off their season pass sales, which Davis felt yielded a positive response, however there is little to no data to compare the sales to. The results so far have indicated over a quarter of the pass holders are coming from Virginia and approximately 65% who bought were from out of state. The goal is to open the mountain around Thanksgiving, should the weather cooperate. Neff touched base on the chairlift issues after purchasing the ski resort Resident Seeks Clariϐication on Davis Grass and Weed Ordinance By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate Davis town resident Arlene Karesh attended the Davis Town Coun- cil meeting to discuss the amendments made to the grass ordinance. “It was my understanding that it was my lawn that needed to be mowed, which I have done,” proclaimed Karesh, though she acknowl- edged there is a field that also needs mowed. “But then two days ago, I was informed that it was not just my lawn, it was my garden,” she continued. Karesh expressed enjoy- ment for nature, birds, but- terflies, and other similar creatures and has therefore established a native, wild- life garden. She researched what was native to the area and planted the perennials on a section of her prop- erty to sustain this habitat. Davis Mayor Doug Martin went to the property to dis- cuss the issue with Karesh which led her to attend the meeting for further clari- fication if her garden was permissible within the town limits according to the ordinance. With consideration to others, Karesh approached her immediate neighbors to ensure no offense was taken to her garden, to which she claims they had no issues. Her desire is to adhere to the ordinance and wishes to fully comply. Council- woman Cindy Robeson asked about the blooming period of the species which Karesh responded it var- ies from spring through- out the summer and fall. Karesh has taken classes at the Wildlife Refuge to further her understanding of providing these plants to the insects, birds, and other wildlife who benefit from them. She invited the council to come to her property to further under- stand the layout and pro- vide guidance on the issue. Robeson agreed that finding a way to designate the area as a garden would help the matter, such as squaring off the plot and placing stones around the perimeter. Councilwoman Lisa Cousin added that too, what is considered beauti- ful and suitable for outside of town limits can be differ- ent than what is expected and accepted within the confines of municipalities. Some of the council has agreed to go to the location and gain an understanding of the situation after which they can make a decision at the next council meeting. While dispensed from regular session to hear from the guests, Angie Lip- scomb updated the council that she had emailed a sur- vey to Town Hall to guage the interest of returning recycling services to the area. These surveys were printed off and will be available at Town Hall in addition to several other willing businesses and establishments throughout the town. Council agreed to put a note on the water bills to inform the resi- dents of the survey and encourage their participa- tion. The surveys are due no later than September 30 so results can be tallied and presented to Sunrise Sani- tation. Jeanette Ware expressed concern for the safety of the citizens due to motor- ists failing to abide by traffic signs, specifically stop signs at the junction of Fifth Street and Fairfax Avenue. Martin will con- tact Tucker County Sheriff Brian Wilfong to request additional patrol in the area in attempt to prevent potential injury of another motorist or pedestrian. The meeting returned to regular session with Mar- tin outlining the accounts payable in the amount of $12,471.50. Council- man Al Tomson made the motion to approve with a second by Felton and all in favor. Councilman Terry Helmick provided a list of completed jobs pertaining to streets, alleys and water works and added that the demolition project on Fair- fax Avenue has been com- pleted along with reseed- ing. An aerial map of the Davis Town Cemetery was reviewed outlining the property owned by the town. Issues have arisen in the past of hunting and trespassing taking place resulting in Martin recom- mending the posting of the property. That action was done at the last meeting. Marijuana Grow Found According to a press release from the Tucker County Sheriff’s Department, on Wednesday, Aug. 26 members of the Tucker County Sheriff’s Office, The West Virginia State Police, Tucker County City Police and Tucker County Humane Office discovered a marijuana grow at the residence of Richard Dennis Bernier, Jr. in Hambleton. Approximately 25 plants believed to be marijuana were discovered growing in a garden plot and other areas of the property. A search warrant was obtained and the plants were confiscated. The investigation is being handled by the Tucker County Sheriff’s Office. Tucker County Royalty Left to right: 2019 Queen Shelby Beavers, 2020 Junior Miss Joanna Leary, 2020 Mini Miss Ames- ley Channell, 2020 Tucker County Fair Queen Brooklyn Rohrbaugh, 2020 Teen Miss Vanessa Shaf- fer, 2019 Teen Miss Laney Burns Editors note: Due to guidelines set forth by Governor Justice and the Tucker County Events sponsor The Parsons Advocate was not permitted to attend. Check the Sept. 9 issue of The Parsons Advocate for the livestock show and auction coverage. General Manager of Perfect North Slopes Jonathan Davis attended the most recent Tucker County Com- mission meeting to inform those in attendance of the vast improvements being made to the resort. Arlene Karesh, resident of Davis, attended the Town Council meeting seeking clarification on the recent grass ordinance passed and how it effects her natural garden.