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some of his background, Jennings stated, “Cur- rently, we provide more coverage to public entities in related agencies than any other single provider in the state of West Vir- ginia,” with 50 of the 55 counties. The membership gains access to online tools to handle claims which are updated three times daily for timely results, peri- odic property appraisals free of charge, training and seminars, review of leases, agreements, and handbooks for example. City Administrator Jason Myers explained their renewal is October 1, and Phillilps is coming to show what they have to offer in comparison to Travel- ers, which is their current provider. Myers added this program is endorsed by the W.Va. Munici- pal League. Judy asked when an estimate could be received, with Jennings responding he can work with their renewal period and what WVCoRP typi- cally renews to work with everyone's schedule. Eleni Brick and Randy Watson with Thrasher Engineering were on the call to provide an update on the Kingsford Sewer Extension Project, stating that a pump station initial startup was planned for later that week but was delayed to February 23 due to weather. Watson spoke on the connection of the Hamrick PSD and Par- sons City project, which a grant has been applied for over the last five years and has yet to be success- See concerns page 6 Volume 126 No. 9 Wednesday, February 24, 2021 75 cents (tax incl.) See city page 4 See Ribbon cutting page 8 See davis page 2 City of Parsons Hires Arbogast as Code Enforcement Officer Parent Addresses Discrimination Concerns; First Semester Attendance Data Compiled By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate The 2020-21 school year has been dif- ficult for everyone, but special chal - lenges and circumstances have arisen for Attendance Director, Amber Kyle. With students being remote, blended, and vir- tual school; in addition to the significant increase in families choosing homeschool, keeping up with attendance has been espe- cially difficult. Kyle attended the Tucker County Board of Education meeting on Monday to share the data with the board as the first semester has recently come to a close. Tucker County Schools currently has 928 students within their schools, Davis Thomas Elementary Middle School hav- ing 177, Tucker Valley Elementary Middle School with 450, and Tucker County High School with 301. The attendance rate Davis Council Visited by Newly Elected County Officials The Parsons City Council came together to discuss projects that are forthcoming and the annual Harman Fund withdrawal that will aid in funding several city entities. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Mountain Living Community Assisted Care Mountain Living Com- munity, Mountain Hospice, and Pray Construction Company held a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house for the newly con- structed Mountain Living Community Assisted Care. Employees, Board Mem- bers, Citizens National Bank, Pray Construction personnel, and other key individuals with this proj- ect participated while fol- lowing social distancing and safety guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those in attendance wit- nessed the ribbon cutting of a new state-of-the-art facil- ity in our community. After the ribbon cutting cere- mony, tours of the facility were offered. The 12,000 square foot facility features 12 spa- cious and accommodat- ing resident rooms with a 24-patient capacity. Each resident room offers a pri - vate bathroom, kitchenette, and television. Each room has a fantastic view of the wooded area that surrounds the facility. There are (2) Nurse “Pager” Pull Sta- tions in each room for the resident’s safety and peace of mind. For the conve- nience of the residents, we offer a commercial kitchen for main meals, as well as a “Country Kitchen” for in- between snacks that will be available 24/7. TheActivity Room, Parlor, Living Area, and Covered Porch are sure to provide entertainment, as well as relaxation, for the residents. A Courtyard with patio tables and a bar- beque grill will provide a relaxing opportunity for the residents to enjoy the out- doors. Mountain Living Com- munity offers convenient in-house Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy ser- vices for residents with- out them having to leave the facility. The facility also provides on-site laun- dry service and free Wi-Fi throughout the facility. Pray Construction Com- pany, who was pivotal in the construction of the state-of-the-art facility, provided the following statement: “Pray Construction Company is proud to sup- port Mountain Hospice’s mission in providing care to the elderly community of West Virginia. From the beginning, we hand-picked an A+ team whose goal was to help make Moun- tain Living Community the go-to assisted living facility in the community. Utilizing By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate The Davis Town Council met recently for the first time since before Christmas due to an outbreak of Covid-19. All members were present to hear from newly elected county officials, Prosecuting Attor - ney Savannah Hull-Wilkins, Sheriff Jake Kopec, and Commissioner Mike Rosenau. Wilkins began by stating she and the others, “Wanted to be a presence.” They attended Thomas City Council last month and plan to make rounds throughout the county to be acces- sible. Rosenau stated in addition, he wishes to become more familiar with projects going on in Davis such as the By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate Parsons City Police Chief K.L. Keplinger and personnel conducted interviews for the Code Enforcement Officer after they prioritized their desires of the successful candidate. “I would like to propose that we hire Adam Arbogast,” said Chief Keplinger. Arbo- gast currently works as a dispatcher for 911 and is a member of the Parsons Volunteer Fire Depart- ment. “I believe that he would be a very good fit within our department,” he said. Parsons Mayor Dorothy Judy stated there were several quali- fied candidates who were interviewed for the posi- tion, but Arbogast stood out. Kolsun moved to hire Arboast as the part time Code Enforcement Officer at $10 per hour with Councilman Michael Matlick offering a second. The Council voted unani- mously in favor. The Council then discussed with Chief Keplinger the upcoming training and recommended certifications that Arbo - gast will be seeking. The Code Enforcement Officer for Elkins, Phil Isner, has offered to take Arbogast on some ride-alongs to help him become familiar with his new role. A grant that was received will assist in covering his training and certifications. Craig Jennings with WVCoRP came to the Par- sons City Council to offer W.Va. Communities Risk Pool Insurance and share its benefits. After sharing Kelly Pennington, mother of a junior stu- dent who has been active on the TCHS Girls Basketball team, came to the Board of Education to share her concerns over alleged discrimination issues between the coach and some players. The Davis Town Council met for the first time since early December to address business and move forward with municipal projects.