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Thank you notes and advertising are not considered as letters to the editor. When submitting letters do not use all caps, italics or bold. Use punctuation, upper and lower case letters and indent for paragraphs. If you have any questions, please call us at 304-478-3533. 166 Main St. Parsons, WV 681-399-9200 Dinner specials starting at 4 pm Open daily 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. Carry out and free delivery within 5 mile radius. Take-out Available. Family meals are available. Check facebook page for more details. News of Record The following criminal complaint has been filed in the Tucker County Magistrate office: • Braxton Lee Parks, Hambleton, was charged with one count of Permitting an Unauthorized Person to Drive. According to the complaint Deputy C.A. Martin of the Tucker County Sheriff’s office stopped a Chevro - let 1500 bearing WV registration 07L729 for speeding going 41 mph in a 25 mph zone. The driver Roger Gail Wall was identified and had a suspended driver’s license for driv - ing under the influence. Parks was in the passenger seat and allowing Wall to drive the vehicle that is regis- tered to him. The following property transfers have been recorded in the Tucker County Clerk’s office: • 300N LLC/Formerly SCB Proper- ties LLC; SCB Properties LLC/NOW 300N LLC, Davis Corporation, Lots 193, 194 & 195 Tuscan Ridge Sec- tion 3 to Bruce A. King, $14,000. • 300N LLC/Formerly SCB Proper- ties LLC; SCB Properties LLC/NOW 300N LLC, Davis Corporation, Lots 294 & 284 Tuscan Ridge Section 3 to Bruce A. King, $16,000. • 300N LLC/Formerly SCB Proper- ties LLC; SCB Properties LLC/NOW 300N LLC, Davis Corporation, Lots 3 & 4 Tuscan Ridge Phase 2 to Crow Properties LLC, $21,000. • Sam B. Terango, III, Dry Fork, Lot 17 Black Bear Woods, 1 acre, 3.43 acres and 3.80 acres to D B & B Real Estate LLC; DB&B Real Estate LLC, $0. • Harrison Cummings, Licking, 40 acres, 34 acres, 20 acres, 6 acres & ROW to Harrison Cummings and Amy E. Cummings, $0. • Sara Ann Ashcraft; Estate of Robert Mark Ashcraft, Dry Fork, Revised Lot 57 Yoakum Run New Timberline to James Kenneth Norton and Jennifer Anne Kerr, $35,000. • Jules J. Rapp and Charlene A. Rapp, Dry Fork, Unit A1 Week 11 Land of Canaan Vacation Resort to Land of Canaan Home Owners Association, Inc., $1,034. • Chad A. Summers and April L. Sum- mers, Dry Fork, Unit C3 Week 6 Land of Canaan Vacation Resort to Land of Canaan Home Owners Association, Inc., $517. • Douglas A. Stevens and Linda A. Stevens, Dry Fork, Unit E2 Week 33 Land of Canaan Vacation Resort to Land of Canaan Home Owners Association, Inc., $517. • Douglas A. Stevens and Linda A. Stevens, Dry Fork, Unit A3 Week 30 Land of Canaan Vacation Resort to Land of Canaan Home Owners Association, Inc., $517. • Jason R. Steele and Sophie F. Steel, Dry Fork, Unit C1 Week 8 Land of Canaan Vacation Resort to Land of Canaan Home Owners Association, Inc., $517. • Gregg J. Freme and Carol A. Freme, Dry Fork, Unit B5 Week 36 Land of Canaan Vacation Resort to Land of Canaan Home Owners Association, Inc., $517. • John P. Bellville and Tammy S. Tip- pett, Dry Fork, Unit F2 Week 39 Land of Canaan Vacation Resort to Land of Canaan Home Owners Association, Inc., $1,890. • Jonathan C. Yoder, Thomas Corpo- ration, ¼ Interest in Lot 50 to Jona- than C. Yoder/Trustee, Carol Swee- ney Yoder/ Trustee; Jonathan and Carol Yoder Family Trust, $0. • Vandalia Home Solutions LLC, Dry Fork, Lot 57 Mountainside Timberline to Stanley Franklin Anderson and Joyce Ellen Anderson, $350,000. • Douglas M. Schreiber, Davis Corpo- ration, Lot 99 Tuscan Ridge Section 1 to UP LLC, $10,000. • Brent Easton/Special Comm. And Brian K. Wilson, Black Fork, 0.88 acre Bretz/Plat to Danielle T. God- win, $0. • Patrick Schneble, Dry Fork, 2.05 acres with 12’ ROW & Water Rights/ Plat to Michael J. Slover and Leslie K. Slover, $150,000. • Patrick Schneble, Dry Fork, 0.357 acre and 0.110 acre/plat to Gregory C. Wolford, &0. • Joshua Lynch and Thavy Lynch, Dry Fork, Lot 142 Mountainside Timber- line to Liliana Rodrigues, $395,000. • Robert L. Spears, Sr., Dry Fork, Unit 1112 Ash Lodge Beaver Ridge Resort to Tucker Dog LLC, $93,700. • Peter C. Johnson, Davis Corpo- ration, 0.14 acre to WV Cvechko Investments LLC, $67,000. • 300n LLC/Formerly SCB Properties LLC, Davis Corporation, Lot 283 Containing 0.78 acre Tuscan ridge Section 3 to Geoffrey W. Marshall and Kelly G. Marshall, $15,000. Tom Preston, CPA Located in Davis, West Virginia • Income tax services for individuals & businesses • Bookkeeping, payroll, & payroll tax services • QuickBooks training & consulting • Financial statement services Call 681-435-9032 or visit my website to set up an appointment WVDMV resumes automatic downgrade of CDL holders with expired Medical Evaluation Certificates CHARLESTON, WV- -The West Virginia DMV (WVDMV) has restarted a process to automatically downgrade CDL holders who have an expired Medi- cal Evaluation Certificate (MEC). The Federal Motor Vehicle Carrier Associa- tion (FMCSA) had allowed for a series of extensions of MEC’s during the ongo- ing COVID-19 crisis as facilities were not perform- ing exams or access was restricted. Now, doctors and facilities that provide MEC evaluations are once again able to provide this type of service. The FMCSA extensions allowed CDL holders to continue to be certified, even when their MEC had expired. Prior to this waiver, the downgrade occurred automatically 30 days after the expiration of the MEC. The automatic down- grades will apply to any CDL holder with a MEC that expired before 9-1- 2020. If a CDL holder is downgraded due to an expired MEC, they can’t legally operate a Com- mercial Motor Vehicle. The latest FMCSA exten- sion waiver that approved extensions for expiring MEC’s on or after Sept. 1, 2020, is still in effect until Feb. 28, 2021. Any CDL holder with a MEC that expired on or after Sept. 1, 2020, will need to provide a current MEC by Feb. 28, 2021, or the CDL will be auto- matically downgraded. As a reminder, earlier exten- sions for CDL holders with an MEC that expired before Sept. 1, 2020, were already downgraded if they did not present a current MEC. To rectify the downgrade, a CDL holder need only present a current MEC to resume CDL privileges. CDL holders can provide updated MEC’s to the WVDMV by any of the 3 following methods: Fax: 304-926-3890 Email: dmvlicenseissu- Mail: P.O. Box 17010, Charleston, WV 25317 For more information, please visit the DMV web- site at Virtual Agriculture Innovation Showcase to Be Held February 24 MOOREFIELD, WV - FEBRUARY 2 - Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College in partnership with RCBI, the West Virginia Depart- ment of Agriculture, and the West Vir- ginia Department of Education will hold the sixth annual Agriculture Inno- vation Showcase on February 24th via Zoom. A month-long lead-up to the Agricul- ture Innovation Showcase will include resources and features to accelerate education in West Virginia Agriculture and prepare students for the Student Ag Innovation Challenge. Recordings of Agcellerator Master Classes, a series of expert-led workshops designed to pro- vide guidance and resources to educa- tors and classrooms in advance of the 2021 Agriculture Innovation Show- case challenge, are available at https:// Agcelle- rator Master Class topics include the Importance of Innovation in West Vir- ginia Agriculture, Innovating for Suc- cess, and Bringing It All Together. The 2021 Student Ag Innovation Challenge features a video-based sub- mission competition that provides the opportunity to demonstrate new ideas, innovations, and inventions while com- peting for cash prizes and recognitions. The video submission deadline is Feb- ruary 15th at 4:00 PM. The Ag Innovation Showcase will be live-streamed on YouTube on February 24th from 10:00 AM until noon. This event showcases innovation in agri- culture from across the state of West Virginia and will culminate with the announcement of the 2021 Student Ag Innovation winners and the presentation of awards. Registration, live-stream, and Student Challenger information can be found on the Ag Showcase website: The Agriculture Innovation Show- case is made possible by the generous support from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation. WorkForce WV warns unemployment recipients against fraud, identity theft CHARLESTON, W.Va. — WorkForce West Vir- ginia has mailed 1099-Gs to nearly 200,000 individuals who received unemploy- ment benefits last year and is urging recipients to be on guard against fraud and identity theft. The agency recently mailed the tax forms to individuals who received regular state unemployment benefits, pandemic unem - ployment assistance (PUA), pandemic emergency unem- ployment compensation (PEUC), federal pandemic unemployment compen- sation (FPUC), extended benefits (EB) and lost wage assistance (LWA). “It's unfortunate, but unemployment fraud has been prevalent across the country during the pan- demic and fraudsters are out there claiming benefits by using stolen identities,” said WorkForce West Virginia Acting Commissioner Scott A. Adkins. "WorkForce is exhausting every possible avenue to reduce the impact of fraud on innocent West Virginians.” WorkForce West Virginia has hired additional staff for fraud prevention and detec- tion, including income and identity verification. A new federal requirement for pan- demic unemployment assis- tance (PUA) is to verify self- employment and identity of claimants. Even if a claim was previously approved, each claimant will be asked to provide additional infor- mation. Any individual who receives a 1099-G from WorkForce West Virginia but did not file an unemploy - ment claim, should report suspected fraud by filing a police report and sending an email to reportunemploy- Indi- viduals may also call 1-800- 252-JOBS between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Callers should select option 5 when prompted. Those looking for addi- tional resources for report- ing identity theft and fraud should consult the Internal Revenue Service's Taxpayer Guide to IdentityTheft or the Federal Trade Commission's website on identity theft or fill out a U.S. Department of Justice National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF) complaint form.