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Page 10 – The Parsons Advocate - February 10, 2021 Coming Soon! Located in Davis, WV • Shop-n-Save Express Shopping Center Positions Available q APP (Advanced Practice Provider) Full Time • M-F q (2) PRN APP’s (Weekends Only) q LPN • Full Time q (2) Licensed MA’s (Medical Assistants) Full Time Questions or to Apply Please contact Matt Scott Recruitment Coordinator Phone: 304.637.3876 Fax: 304.630.3087 Glotfelty Tire Center Your Tire Superstore! Just 30 minutes from Parsons on the Beverly 5-Lane. We proudly carry ■ Tires ■ Forklifts ■ Loaders ■ Road Service ■ Tubes ■ Agriculture ■ Shocks/struts ■ Repairing ■ Retail ■ Excavators ■ WV Inspections ■ Retreading ■ Wholesale ■ Mining ■ Brakes ■ Great Prices ■ Two Computer Alignment Machines & ASE/N.I.A.T. Certified Mechanics Call 304-635-0001 1080 Beverly Pike, S. Elkins 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to Noon Saturday Kora, daughter of Katelyn Nestor, granddaughter of Roy and Pam Nestor, great granddaughter of Walter and Sharon Nestor and Nettie and the late Wayne Robinson, great great grand- daughter of Opal Robinson and the niece of Kristin and Theo Kora, Our Valentine A holiday devoted to love and affection is nestled in the middle of the chilly days of February. Valen- tine's Day is a big day for retailers, and many adver- tising campaigns focus on gifting women everything from jewelry to chocolate to stuffed animals. That fo- cus may not be unwarrant- ed, but men also deserve tokens of love and apprecia- tion on Valentine's Day. With February 14 right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about shopping for items that show you care. Consider this list of carefully curated gifts that can provide inspi- ration for gifting the special man in your life. · Gaming gear: The ap- peal of video games is hard to ignore. A new report from the gaming industry researchers at DFC Intelli- gence indicates that billions of people across the globe people play video games. The next gaming genera- tion is approaching with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Gift ideas can include consoles and peripherals like head- sets, gaming chairs and laptop keyboards, among others. · At-home luxury: Some men steer clear of massage therapy clinics or spas. That doesn't mean they should forgo the benefits of a deep massage. With a portable back and neck shiatsu mas- sager, he can enjoy a mas- sage while watching the game or streaming movies or television shows. · Treat bouquet: Flo- ral bouquets may be un- usual gifts for men, but a bouquet of another sort certainly may be a win- ning Valentine's Day gift. More and more companies are getting creative with food bouquets. From cup- cake bouquets that require a double-take to ensure they're edible to exotic jerky bouquets, there are items to tempt every palate. · Cordless earbuds or headphones: Fitness enthu- siasts, movie lovers or mu- sic fans know that the free- dom to move around can be impeded by cords on head- phones and earbuds. A new pair of Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones can be just the thing to make men smile this Valentine's Day. · Coffee mill: Many peo- ple are sticking closer to home these days. That may mean skipping a favor- ite coffee shop and barista on the way to work, and brewing a cup of Joe before heading to the home office. According to Sam Spillman of Dillanos Coffee Roasters near Seattle, the 2019 Baris- ta winner of the U.S. Cof- fee Championships, coffee loses flavor minutes after it is ground. Buying whole beans and grinding fresh before every brew ensures a more flavorful cup. Gifting a coffee grinder, particular- ly a burr grinder, can help improve the taste of that morning brew. These are just some of the many gift ideas tomake men smile this Valentine's Day. 7 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in a socially distant manner The last year has been challenging for social butterflies, as the COVID-19 pandemic has limited opportunities to social- ize in person with close friends and family members. Social distancing guidelines affected various holidays throughout 2020, but such guidelines were issued after Valen- tine's Day 2020. Valentine's Day may be the easiest holiday to celebrate while still adhering to social distancing restrictions. After all, Valentine's Day is typically a day to spend time alone with the person you love. The following are seven socially distant Valentine's Day cel- ebration ideas. 1. Order a take-out dinner for two from a favorite local res- taurant. It gives you the night off from cooking and helps sup- port a small business. 2. Watch a romantic movie on your preferred streaming service. 3. Treat each other to a pair of cozy pajamas and spend the day under the covers catching up on cuddles and rest. 4. Bundle up and, if weather allows, take a hand-in-hand stroll through a park or favorite sightseeing spot. Just follow any protocols for remaining safe, such as wearing masks. 5. Those who reside in climates that are mild in February can rent a small boat and enjoy a few hours on the open water far away from others. 6. Purchase the ingredients to a recipe youboth enjoy andpre- pare themeal together. Don't forget to leave room for dessert. 7. Take turns giving one another back massages at home. These are just some of the ways Valentine's Day can be en- joyed safely while adhering to pandemic-related safety guide- lines. Valentine's Day gift ideas for guys Different types of chocolate to give this Valentine's Day Chocolate is a popular gift on Val- entine's Day. According to the Nielsen Company, Valentine's Day is the third busiest holiday for chocolate sales, fol- lowing Halloween and Easter. More than 70 million pounds of choco- late are purchased each year and offered as Valentine's Day gifts. Chocolate con- noisseurs can learn more about the dif- ferent types of chocolate to find the one their loved one will find most appealing. · Milk chocolate: Milk chocolate is pro- duced with low levels of cocoa and high amounts of sugar and milk. In addition, it contains cocoa butter and chocolate li- quor. Milk chocolate often is made up of 3.39 percent butterfat, 10 percent choco- late liquor and 12 percent milk solids. · Semi-sweet chocolate: Semi-sweet chocolate is largely an American creation and term. It contains at least 35 percent cocoa solids and is darker than sweet dark chocolate. The amount of sugar var- ies across brands. · Bittersweet chocolate: Bittersweet chocolate typically contains at least 50 percent chocolate liquor, but some will have between 70 and 80 percent. The sug- ar content is unregulated, so one manu- facturer's bittersweet may not be as bitter as another's. · Baking chocolate: Also known as bitter chocolate, this is pure chocolate li- quor made from ground cocoa beans. It may look like chocolate, but it is used in recipes where it is combined with sugar. It should not be eaten on its own. · White chocolate: White chocolate has cocoa butter but no chocolate liquor or cocoa products. Therefore, it is not truly chocolate. · Candy coating choco- late: This has no cocoa butter and uses vegetable or palm oils in the recipe. It often is used in dipping or enrobing because of its excellent melting ability. · Couverture chocolate: In the United States, the ideal standard for couverture chocolate involves a minimum of 35 per- cent cocoa solids and 31 percent cocoa butter. This chocolate is tempered and used when coating ingredients or dip- ping items in chocolate. Chocolate shines on Valentine’s Day. Gift givers can select a chocolate variety that appeals most to their recipients’ palates.