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Volume 126 No. 4 Wednesday, January 20, 2021 75 cents (tax incl.) See commission page 6 Commission Meeting Leaves Questions Unanswered By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate There was a larger crowd than normal at the January 13, 2021 meet- ing of the Tucker County Commissioners where newly elected Commis- sion President Michael Rosenau took control of the meeting. Addressing the guests wishing to speak first, Jenny Newland with Downstream Strategies re- presented a proposal to the Commissioners to outline services their group could offer the county. Lois Arbogast followed up on her last visit in Sep- tember of 2019 in regards to the EMS Ordinance Fee. Her first question to the Commissioners was if a plan was in place to collect the unpaid fees. She then addressed Rosenau stating, “In some of your political ads in the newspaper, you stated that you would not, you did not agree to some- thing being done that the voters hadn’t voted on, an ordinance or a fee, we all know it’s never going to pass.” She continued by saying that, as mentioned in September, the Com- missioners are responsible for providing the citizens an ambulance service, and she told Rosenau that with him now in the office this included him. “No joke, I know that,” responded Rosenu. Arbogast publicly retracted a statement she made in September where she felt that there was no better EMS service throughout the county since the implementation of the fee. “I didn’t check with the EMS Authority Board and I was informed that we do now have, practically every day, 24/7 at both stations, which is a great improvement and I now realize that is because that ordinance was enacted and implemented,” proclaimed Arbogast. This lead her to stress again those who have not paid the fees need to be enforced along with a late fee assessed for each year not paid to continue supporting the EMS. She suggested that those who do not agree with the fee or have issues to show up to the meetings and share their concerns or recommendations on how things could be conducted differently. Arbogast then asked Rosenau if he knew he was going to run for office and did not support this ordinance, why he did not attend any of the meet- ings to express that. “Well Lois let me tell you some- thing,” began Rosenau. “You point me out several times during this meeting, if you have all the answers you should’ve ran for County Commission. And another thing I want to say is, true, I am not going to vote for anything unless it’s on the ballot for a fee, a fee, or a levy,” contin- ued Rosenau. “The people have a right, we live in a democracy, we have a right to vote on things.” “OK then let me ask you this,” continued Arbogast. “If you undone everything that’s been done, I don’t know how the ambulance is going to run financially,” she said and reminded Rosenau that he and the other commissioners are personally responsible for providing this service. “How did we run the EMS Authority Board all these years? That’s right you don’t know all the facts, you see all the facts that are presented to you and that’s all you see,” responded Rosenau. Commissioner Fred Davis joined the conversa - tion and told Arbogast she was correct, however, the three commissioners have not yet had a chance to sit down and discuss every topic since a new member was elected in, and this fee will be something they will need to discuss in detail. “I appreciate you standing up, saying what you do for the EMS and stuff,” said Davis. “When people talk to you about the fee, do you say that it was legitimately done according to regula- tions and rules and if you owe it you should have paid it or you need to pay it now? Do you encourage them to pay that fee to be fair to us that have?” Arbo- New Business Generations Series The Parsons Advocate is seeking businesses that currently have or have had two or more generations working, at the same business, to highlight in an upcoming series. Anyone with a suggestion of a business within Tucker County that meets the criteria can call Mikie Dumire at or at 304-614-5593. Tucker County Sheriff 's Department Welcomes Martin Deputy C.S. Martin recently joined the Tucker County Sheriff's Department as the newest deputy. Martin, a United States Army Veteran, is a long- time resident of West Virginia, currenty living in Preston County. Martin said "I look forward to serving the citizens of Tucker County." Parsons Parks and Recreation Commission participates in Kids Connect Initiative Parsons, West Virginia - More than 1,000 WiFi hotspots are being set up across West Virginia. That was the goal of the Kids Connect Initiative. The proj - ect is part of bringing broadband availability to students participating in virtual learning in the Mountain State. As of Wednesday, January 13, 2021, the Parsons Parks and Recreation Commission is now a part of the program. They have a WiFi hotspot set up in Mill Race Park for K-12 students who need to connect for online learning, conducting research, Zoom meetings and homework assignments. Availability is from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week, including holidays. “We are very pleased that the Governor and WV State Board of Education have created this initiative. We are proud to be a part of it and provide another hotspot location in our community,” said City Admin- istrator Jason Myers. The coverage zone for the hotspot in Mill Race Park is in and around Pavilion No. 1. More information is available at . The WiFi name is WVKidsConnect. Technical Sup- port is available at 1-866-K12-WIFI (866-512-9464). Here are the details on how to connect: 1. Locate the wireless/WiFi connections on your devices and choose WVKidsConnect. 2. Open an internet browser session (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox). 3. Read and accept the "Acceptable Use" message. 4. Check the consent box. 5. Click the “Continue to Internet” tab. ABC Botanicals Offers Natural Products to Community By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate There are very few, if any, people that the Covid- 19 pandemic did not affect in some way. For Kendra Reynolds of the St. George community, this meant quit - ting her job and becoming an entrepre - neur. “I always wanted to be a small business owner, so I thought why not now and went for it,” said Reynolds. In August of 2020, ABC Botani- cals became a reality. She shared the fun fact that the name came from her daughter’s initials (A.B.C.). Reynolds creates a variety of health, beauty, and wellness products including sugar scrubs made with organic sugar and coconut oil, wax sachets made with organic soy, organic beeswax and essential oils, all-natural lip balms, and organic salves, lotion bars, and bath teas. A natural fire starter is also one of her products and shower steam- ers will be coming soon. “I chose to get into this business because I have always loved all things natural, aro- matherapy, and self-care products,” she stated. “I figured why not combine all of these things into products I love? I consider myself to be a creative indi- vidual and being in this business, I can let my creativity soar! When I make each product, I can’t help but have a smile on my face, it genuinely makes me happy and I love what I do.” The desire to embark in this busi- ness goes even deeper for Reynolds as her products assist her in a personal way as well. "My mission in this busi- ness is bigger than what it seems," she explained. "I have always had struggles with my anxiety and aroma- therapy always seems to help. While making my products, I always feel so relaxed and stress free. With this plat- form what I'm building, I'm hoping to help other individuals realize the importance of self-care. My products aren't just for beauty, they are also for relaxation, aromatherapy, and for an individual to have a little bit of 'me time'." “When I make a new product, I test it out on myself to make sure it’s something I would buy if I were the customer,” explained Reynolds. “I take pride in my work and want to make sure everyone receives a good quality product made with quality ingredients they can enjoy.” Reynolds has big plans for ABC Botanicals in 2021 which include add- ing new products to her inventory. “I have a lot of ideas that I can’t wait to bring to life and share with the commu- nity,” she said. Even though a website has not yet launched for this new business, prod- ucts can be found at Thomasyard in Thomas or on social media. Infor- mation can be found on Facebook and Instagram by searching for ABC Botanicals, or by emailing Reynolds at . “Any order, big or small, doesn’t go unno- ticed, I appreciate them all,” confirmed Reynolds. “I’ve been so grateful and overjoyed from the amount of support I’ve gotten on this journey so far.” Kendra Reynolds, owner of ABC Botanicals, uses top-quality ingre- dients to offer high-end products to her customers. Kendra Reynolds not only takes pride in her work but enjoys being an entrepreneur in a busi- ness she can let her creativity shine through! Lois Arbogast attended the Tucker County Commission meeting to ask more ques- tions about the EMS Ordinance, specifically how it will continue to operate if the ordinance is revoked and how those who have not paid will be held accountable.