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See trial page 4 Volume 126 No. 3 Wednesday, January 13, 2021 75 cents (tax incl.) See council page 6 See shavers fork page 8 Parsons City Council Kick-Off Business in 2021 By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate Mike Canfield attended the Parsons City Council meeting with concerns over him plowing the sidewalks and Mill Race Park. He stated he had heard from two city employees that his doing so was causing issues, therefore he felt it best to address the council to verify if they wanted him to discontinue. Jason Myers, the City Administrator, replied he had not heard of any issues or complaints, nor has Mayor Dorothy Judy or any other council members. They thanked Canfield for his work and will be drafting a letter that states he is permitted to continue plowing. Tom Hodges and Ryan Frazier participated in the meeting representing Ledcor Technical Services, a contractor with Viasat. They had requested leasing a small parcel of city property to potentially offer other internet services to the area. A lease was submitted to Attorney Pat Nichols and thoroughly reviewed. The first 18 months would be served as a testing phase to ensure the feasibility of the project, which the city will receive $400. Once feasibility is determined and con - struction begins, the lease will transfer into a monthly payment of $400. “This helps the community,” stated Judy. Once discussion ceased, Councilman Tim Auvil made a motion to accept the lease agreement to include the amendments made by Nichols with Councilwoman Melissa Jones offering a second and all in favor. Also joining the teleconference meeting were Tim and Nancy Oldaker to discuss a property dispute on Haven Street. The homeowners were under the impres - sion their property boundaries extended to the alley, though according to a recent survey, there was a small area of land between the alley and property line that was owned by the city. The council discussed the area in question that they also were not aware they owned and agreed it should belong to the Oldaker’s once Nich - Shavers Fork Properties Building the Way to a Better City By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate There has been sig - nificant work done to the Shavers Fork Apartments with the top floor being complete and occupied while the downstairs is currently under construc - tion. Upstairs there are three apartments, two of which are three bedrooms and two baths and one offering two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The initial plan was to make the first- floor handicap accessible; however, FEMA required the floor to be built up due to being in the floodplain which required a slight change of plans. Co-own - ers Brandon Wilfong and Warren Judy assured that modifications or accom - modations could be made if requested by a potential renter. There will also be a vacant area left on the main floor that can serve many purposes, such as a future lobby, a small con - ference or gathering area, or something available to rent for special occasions. “Being next to the Rails to Trails and a river access, it’s a prime location,” said Wilfong. It is expected for the last apartments to be completed sporadically by summer. The units are currently framed and are awaiting the electrical and plumb - ing work. Covid-19, as Waybright Scheduled for Trial; Adkins Plea Postponed By Heather Clower The Parsons Advocate The Honorable Judge James Courrier presided over Tucker County Circuit Court with newly elected Prosecuting Attorney Savannah Hull-Wilkins repre - senting the state. The first hear - ing was scheduled for Jason Adkins to accept a plea agree - ment and was appearing virtu - ally from the Western Regional Jail facility, where he is serving time for violating terms of pro - bation. This hearing has been rescheduled twice due to Adkins’ failure to appear. Defense Attorney Hillary Bright had sent the plea agree - ment and relevant documenta - tion to her client while he was in a home in Huntington but was unaware he was incarcerated and did not send the papers to the jail. Hillary assured the Judge, “I can’t say that he has reviewed them, but I can say I sent them.” On days before the hearing, Bright spoke with Adkins on the phone relating to the agreement and upcoming hearing. Circuit Court staff faxed the documents to the jail to ensure Adkins had a full understand - ing of the agreement. Judge Courrier swore in Adkins before going over the plea agreement which included three felonies; failure to appear, forgery, and conspiracy. The agreement read that if Adkins pleads guilty to failure to appear, which carries a potential sentence of one to five years, the state will not argue any defense stance for an alternative sentence and the remaining two felonies will be dismissed. Adkins requested to speak with his counsel privately and every - one left the room. Upon return, Bright stated her client had a few questions and also informed her Tucker County Commissioner Fred Davis, Mike Rosenau and Lowell Moore held their first meeting of 2021. The purpose of the meeting was to elect the commission president for the year. Commissioner Davis made the nomination for Mike Rosenau. Rosenau’s term will run until the first commission meeting of 2022. Rosenau to serve as commission president The cabin’s exterior is near completion, complete with the view cleared for direct line of sight to the river trickling by just below. Photo provided by B. Wilfong Brush has been cleared from the banks to offer a direct line of sight from the cabin porch to the Shavers Fork River trickling by just feet from their deck. Deanna Waybright appeared for her pre-trial hearing as a result of two uttering charges. She was scheduled for a one day trial later this month, however, due to a scheduling conflict with her attorney, it will now be held in March. James Propst, manager of Jim’s Allstar, where the bad checks were cashed by Waybright, took the stand to explain why there was no video surveillance available the night of the crime. Adkins was scheduled to appear for the third time to make a decision on a plea agreement that he was presented. Due to incarceration, he appeared via teleconference and asked to return next month when he can attend in person.